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Before starting the business, the "Novus" is required to fill out and sign the registration form, purchases the information Kit regarding the business and the products, necessary to the Novus as his/hers personal work tool, and places a first personal order of the minimum amount of 50€ net of the 15% discount.

The "Novus" places this minimum order to become personally acquainted with the Forever products, to appreciate their characteristics, and to promote their benefits and quality to their customers with greater confidence.

According to the Company Policies and in compliance with Maltese law, before starting the business, he/she is required to sign the Application Form as Distributor.

The purchase of the item 3595 "Information Kit" (15euros) is mandatory. The cost of such item does not count towards the first order's minimum requirement.
Anyone who purchases the Forever products for personal use at the listed price by subscring the specific form, is a customer recognized in Malta as a Retail Customer.
A Retail Customer can change his/her Sponsor after six months from the last placed order.